Tamsin + Emma’s Wedding – Bryngawr House




 I must be honest, I was a little nervous about Sunday’s wedding as it had pretty much rained solid for the past few days. However the sun made an appearance and I was very happy when the heavens eventually opened for our finishing shot.

I first arrived with Emma and her day had started with bubbles and Lionel Richie. She was joined by her lovely mother Norma and bridesmaids. Everyone was in good spirits and told me they had been up late the night before practicing their Thriller dance. It was at that moment I knew today was my kind of wedding (I’m a huge MJ fan). Then Emma decided wearing earrings was a must for her day and her brave bestfriend volunteered to re-pierce her ears as she hadn’t worn earrings in years. Not a moment for the faint hearted! Getting Emma into her dress was a very special moment and emotions were high. I was on hand to help support Emma as she was tugged and pulled to get the dress just right. She looked stunning.

I then made it over to Tamsin at Bryngarw House. Tamsin was nervous but had her closest friends to hand. Tamsin’s dress was elegant and I loved her sequin cowboy boots. She then showed me her ‘something blue’…Harry Potter socks! I adore detail shots, I believe they set the scene of the day and help tell the story of the couple. Luckily Emma and Tamsin had both thought of personal trinkets and details that would add to their days from Emma’s mothers wedding garter to Tamsin’s life-size cut out of Her Majesty the Queen. Their wedding rings were beautiful with individual coloured stones on the inside of the band to tell them apart. I do believe the attention to detail makes all the difference.

Both were ready and people were arriving at the venue. I had butterflies and the atmosphere was of excitement.


The first touch was one of the most emotional moments I’ve ever had the honour to capture. I can honestly say I had to fight the tears back, it was beautiful. Equally their first glance at each other as they met at the bottom of the aisle was electric. It was such a lovely marriage service and the emotion in the room was evident.

The celebrations continued with gin and then more gin from their ‘Pimp your own gin’ bar. The day went without a glitch and Emma’s Thriller dance at the end of the night went down a treat. Emma and Tamsin are clearly deeply in love and I felt so honoured to be a part of it. I made two new friends that day and I wish them all the happiness in the world.


Using off camera flash is a new skill to me but I sat during the wedding breakfast planning my shot as I knew the rain was coming. I wanted to use backlighting to create a dramatic effect in the rain. I’m over the moon with my first attempt and love how the flash has frozen the individual rain drops. Luckily Emma and Tamsin had had a few gins by this point so were willing to venture out into the pouring rain. I promised them it would be worth it and I believe it was. I love open space in images and decided a wide angle would be best. Settings ISO 3200 and aperture 2.8.


Here is a small selection of what I captured Sunday at Tamsin Emma’s fabulous day.

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