I’m Abbie, a wedding and portrait photographer based primarily in South Wales, but willing to roller-skate to any part of the UK or indeed Europe! I’ve been working as a professional photographer for over 12 years, meeting and working with some amazing people along the way. I feel extremely fortunate that I get to photograph moments of joy, love and happiness for a living!

I am passionate about storytelling and capturing moments that are true and honest, so I tend to shoot in a naturalistic style.

It’s difficult to pin point when I first fell in love with photography, but much credit goes to an amazing photography teacher who inspired me at school. I loved the feeling of holding a camera in my hand and took it pretty much everywhere with me from there forward! I then looked to expand my knowledge further by enrolling on the prestigious Photographic Art course at The University of Wales where I successfully obtained a BA (Hons). I followed this up by working for a highly reputable photographic studio for some years before nally deciding to go it alone.

Whilst not in action as a photographer I am kept on my toes by my two wonderful boys Rufus and Elfyn. My family inspire me daily and give me the drive and confidence to make a success of myself. My hobbies also include bashing people in Roller Derby and learning to make various pasta dishes from my Nonna’s recipe book.

That’s enough about me – ultimately photography is all about you. I hope that years after a shoot you are able to look back on the moment we captured and you are moved, in the same way that I am moved when looking back on my own family photos.